Phil Grasso, ND

Phil Grasso, ND - Oregon Integrated Health, Portland.

Phil Grasso, ND - Oregon Integrated Health, Portland.

Phil is a naturopathic physician with a focus in men’s health and cancer treatment. He believes that it is crucial to combine the best practices of conventional medicine with the best practices of complementary and alternative medicine. Only through a team approach, with each health care provider bringing his or her expertise, can medicine truly provide innovative care. The goal of treatment should not be merely managing a diagnosis, but to help each person to thrive.

Phil has had a passion for healing and medicine that began with his involvement LGBT youth through LINKS North Shore Youth Health Services in Chicago. These passions eventually lead him to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, where he obtained his doctorate. It was during his clinical rotations that he found the greatest rewards, supporting people as they rediscover heir health.

He is one of a handful of naturopathic physicians, whom have completed a two-year hospital-based residency. As part of the integrative medical team at the Indiana University Health Systems, he collaborated with patients; medical doctors; dieticians; and counselors to develop comprehensive treatment plans that support all aspects of a person’s health. Phil was selected as the physician to lead the Naturopathic Medical program with the opening of the largest multidisciplinary cancer clinic in Northern Indiana.

After two years in Northern Indiana, he heard the calling of the Pacific Northwest, and decided relocate to Portland.