Haley West, LAC

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Haley West, LAC - Oregon Integrated Health, Eugene.

Haley West, LAC - Oregon Integrated Health, Eugene.

Haley is excited to be part of Oregon Integrated Health. Her passion is helping people realize their health goals. Whether you are grappling with chronic conditions or dealing with acute pain, she has found Chinese medicine and acupuncture to be key therapeutic approaches to resolving both long-standing and acute issues. With regular treatments, better health and vitality can be achieved!

Haley learned this not only through her formal studies, but also through her personal experience of reproductive, digestive and chronic pain issues. Her challenging path to starting a family also led her to study the medicine that deeply changed her life. With time, Chinese medicine encouraged her body to heal, and she was able to recover from many long-standing issues. Inspired to help those in similar situations, Haley went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, OR.

In her practice, she works closely with conventional providers, incorporating acupuncture, herbs, shiatsu massage, and nutrition into patients’ treatment plans to ensure they receive the best integrative care possible. Haley’s treatment philosophy is to approach each patient as a unique individual, and to co-create specialized treatment plans based on each person’s unique needs. She is committed to providing compassionate, intentional and collaborative care, and sees her role not only as an acupuncturist, but also as a member of each patient’s health and wellness team. Together with the expert care provided at Oregon Integrative Health, patient’s will be heard, respected and treated - mind, body and soul.