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** If you are using insurance, please enter the code “INSURANCE” at checkout to update your pricing. **


All consultations on your lab results are part of your OIH DirectCare Subscription including labs that you may order from SelfCollect. Regardless if your labs are negative or positive you have the option for a consultation for no additional charge.

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    1. If you would like to bill your insurance/HSA, use the code INSURANCE at checkout on our webpage and then you will need to provide your insurance card at time of your blood draw at the lab. You are responsible for all charges from the lab company that your insurance does not cover. OIH does not bill your insurance for any lab services.

  4. Schedule your blood draw.

    1. All SelfCollect Labs will be sent to your mailing address directly from SelfCollect. SelfCollect has a partnership with OIH DirectCare all labs that are ordered will be reviewed by your OIH Provider.

  5. Lab results will be available on your Patient Portal 5- 7 business days after your blood draw.

    1. Self Collect labs may take a few additional days due shipping times from your location. These labs will also be available in your patient portal.

  6. You may contact your provider through the patient portal if you have additional


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