What is Oregon Integrated Health DirectCare?


What is Oregon Integrated Health DirectCare?

OIH DirectCare is an online healthcare services platform.  It is a convenient and affordable healthcare option for patients to access medical care on their schedule.

Whether you have current insurance coverage or not – OIH DirectCare telemedicine healthcare services can assist you for an acute or ongoing medical concern.

Your monthly subscription covers you to have an initial telemedicine consultation with a clinician as well as ongoing texts with your clinician for any medical requests, questions or health concerns.

Primary care medical services are available through this service.  The subscription also offers additional services that may either be covered by your health plan, your HSA(Health Savings Account) or for a discounted cash price.


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Clinical Lab Services:

  • Wellness Screens: Thyroid, Cholesterol screens etc.once you are a member you can order labs that you want when you want them.

  • Lab orders are added to your chart at the time of your initial consult or at any time after you have established care with your provider.  

  • You may request lab orders through text message and either pay online or have your insurance billed.

  • You may come to any of our medical clinic locations or your nearest lab center.  

  • All labs will be reviewed and you will be contacted by your provider and sent through your patient portal.



At-Home Lab Testing

  • Oregon Integrated Health has partnered with SELFCOLLECT.

  • SelfCollect is a convenient at home STD testing kit.

  • Mailed directly to you, you complete the testing at home, mail kit back to SelfCollect lab.

  • OIH will text/call or video chat with you for positive results & send in medications as needed.

  • oih is available for questions you may have if you request a consultation.  

  • All without needing to go to the medical clinic!



Specialty Referrals:

  • Physical therapy.

  • Chiropractic Care.

  • Acupuncture.

  • Mental & Behavioral Health.

  • OTHER specialties .

  • Ask your provider on your initial visit for more information on labs and referral options.