Christopher Tucker, Counselor - LPC, CADC-III

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Christopher Tucker, LPC, CADC-III - Oregon Integrated Health, Portland.

Christopher Tucker, LPC, CADC-III - Oregon Integrated Health, Portland.

Therapy offers the opportunity to make lasting positive changes in life and in relationships. By exploring the role the past has played in current difficulties and dissolving old, destructive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, life can be more balanced and joyful. As a licensed therapist, Christopher offers warmth, compassion, support, and insight to this process, with an approach that is direct, non-judgmental, and tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Utilizing cognitive-behavioral, emotionally-focused and schema based therapeutic strategies, Christopher works primarily with individual adults and couples, specializing in depression, anxiety, communication impasses, life transitions, drug and alcohol, loss, abuse and trauma.  Therapeutic change is facilitated by working towards collaboratively building upon inherent strengths and gaining insight into childhood origins of insecure attachment patterns while recognizing how these habitual patterns might be related to current problems.

Utilizing the art of non-judgmental awareness – mindfulness – Christopher explores these themes with his clients, by helping them holistically connect with the memories, emotions, thoughts, and bodily sensations fundamentally associated with the destructive, repetitive cycles individuals often struggle with.  In this way, individuals are empowered to challenge these negative cycles and inevitably bring a greater sense of control, clarity and balance back into their lives, while awakening an inherent wisdom to more adaptively cope with life’s many challenges.

Christopher obtained his Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacific University and currently works as a mental health therapist in private settings and at the hospital psychiatric ICU.  Christopher enjoys working with individuals from various cultural backgrounds and lifestyle orientations.