Stacey Guggino, ND, LAC Portland Acupuncturist

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Stacey Guggino, ND, LAC - Oregon Integrated Health, Portland.

Stacey Guggino, ND, LAC - Oregon Integrated Health, Portland.

Dr. Stacey Guggino graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon with a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine. She obtained a residency in Redmond Washington, practicing primary, family care, along side a western medical physician.

Early in her educational career, Dr. Guggino had an interest in women’s medicine, completing two years of mentorship. Receiving extended training, she further explored women’s health with a focus on cervical pathology and postmenopausal health.

Dr. Guggino has also had a year-long mentorship in cardiology and respiratory health. The emphasis was for the evaluation and treatment of complex disease processes, using both naturopathic and pharmaceutical support for health maintenance. She also has interests in physical medicine and injection therapy. In early 2010, she obtained her certification for sclerotherapy. Her residency, with the clinic with the medical doctor, also contained chiropractic and physical therapy disciplines, completed this interest in providing more options for pain management and relief.

Half way in her Naturopathy education, Dr. Guggino began her master’s degree in Classical Chinese Medicine. The approach of this “Classical” approach is that herbal formulas and modifications are all derived from passages from the classical texts and lineages there of. She completed a year-long discipleship on classical herbal formulas with an emphasis on chronic disease. Her thesis for her Master’s pertained to osteoporosis and the clinical approach using chinese, naturopathic, and western medicine approaches.

In addition to her scholastic achievements, Dr. Guggino has had an interest and involvement in the political merits of Naturopathic Medicine. In 2008, she lobbied for licensure for New York State. In 2009, she sat on the board of the Oregon Board of Naturopathic physicians. During her two year service, she assisted in coordinating the lobbying effort to further progress the licensure held by naturopaths in the state of Oregon. With interest in coordinated care by various disciplines with the sole intent of patient health, Dr. Guggino became a member of the Society of Integrated Oncology.

Dr. Guggino’s approach to medicine has always been to provide the patient with as much information and options for obtaining health. She asserts that the ultimate decision is that of the patient and therefore, her responsibility lies in providing the best, up-to-date, minimally invasive care possible. She strives to work with her patients for realistic goals while at the same time holding them to a standard to achieve their optimum health.