Telemedicine FAQ

  • Is telemedicine appropriate for every medical condition? No. Telemedicine is designed to handle non-emergency medical conditions. You should not use it if you are experiencing a medical emergency. In case of a medical life-threatening emergency, immediately dial 911.

  • Certain medications such as controlled substances for pain or mental health may also require a in person visit.  

  • If you are having a mental health crisis or suicidal ideation please notify the front desk – 503.972.0235 as we have resources for mental health crisis.  Portland: 503-988-4888 Lane County (541) 687-4000

  • Please note all Medicare Only plans will either need to arrive at the clinic or pay cash.  

  • Your visit today/Your upcoming visit is not recorded or saved – we use a video conferencing interface that is on our HIPAA conduit servers.  The providers are located in our clinic in Portland they are in a HIPAA compliant space that is quiet and private.

  • All labs, imaging, referrals and medications may be filled by the provider through telemedicine to a lab, specialist or pharmacy near you.

  • There are limitations to a telemedicine visit – if the provider decides that your medical condition needs immediate attention or a physical exam they will ask you to reschedule with a primary care provider at the clinic.  There may be a wait time for this follow up visit. If you have urgent care needs the provider may request you to go to urgent care or the emergency room and will notify the medical assistant of their decision.